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Having come to letterpress printing through independent bookselling and small press publishing in the 1970s, my interest remains literary. My background and education in visual art has buttressed the graphic component of typography, accompanying illustration, graphic design and symbolic representation. A long standing study and interest in Sufism has deepened an appreciation of Art in service of personal growth and service to Humanitarian values.


About this term Niche of Light


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More related to a philosophy than religion, the One is manifested in the characteristics of Light. Related to this science of light, parallel thought rests in the Illuminationist school of Suhrawardi and his translator, Henri Corbin - together with the Seventeenth century's School of Isfahan. Surah al-Nur in early Islamic sources are quoted here as an early revelation which was later picked up in further examination of Zoroastrianism.

  "We have seen that the very essence of light is appearance to a percipient;
and that perception depends on the existence of two things - the Light and
the seeing eye."

___ al-Ghazali
author of Niche of Lights,translated
by W.H.T. Gairdner
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  "When the blazing light lasts long, it obliterates form - the figures are
removed and the individual variation is effaced. At this point one
understands that what is effaced is giving way to a higher order."

____ Henri Corbin,
Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth

My Love is darkness!

Only in The Void
Are All Things One:

Only in The Night
Are The Lost

______Thomas Merton
Merton & Sufism -The Untold Story